Tips for Halloween Safety

Halloween is an exciting time of year—especially for children. However, the fun of dressing up and going trick-or-treating brings some concerns for parents. With a few simple safety tips, Halloween can be a fun, worry-free holiday for the whole family.

Halloween Safety Tips:

Pedestrian Safety

Walking safely is one of the best ways to prevent accidents around Halloween. Luckily, there are easy ways to ensure safety when walking at Halloween:

  1. Turn off electronic devices. Stay safe by keeping your eyes up and focused on your surroundings—especially when crossing the street.
  2. Don’t jaywalk. Cross only at street corners and follow traffic lights and signals.
  3. Stick to the sidewalk. Teach your children to stay on the sidewalk rather than the street. If there’s no sidewalk, walk as far to the left as possible, facing oncoming traffic.

Costume Safety

Costumes are the best part of Halloween (along with all the candy), but a poorly designed costume can be a safety concern. Make sure your children’s costumes keep them safe. Follow these tips:

  1. Avoid full face masks. Masks can greatly reduce a child’s ability to see well, especially at night. Opt for face paint to create a costume that’s festive and safe.
  2. Aim for light colors. Dark costumes are fun (everybody loves Batman!), but they can be difficult for motorists to spot at night. If your child is set on a black cloak or cape, use reflective tape to ensure that he or she can be seen.
  3. Ensure the correct fit. Check that your child’s costume fits appropriately. A robe or cape that’s too long can cause a child to trip and increase the risk of injury.

Trick-or-Treat Safety

Here are some additional tips that could keep your family safe this holiday, specifically when trick-or-treating:

  1. Go with an adult. If your children are under 12, they should have a trusted adult accompany them. Older kids going out without supervision should stay in a group and stick to familiar, populated, and well-lit neighborhoods—and be home by a pre-established time.
  2. Save treats for later. Make sure your children save all candy to eat later at home (after you check to ensure that it’s safe).
  3. Stay outside. It may seem that this goes without saying, but children should never enter a stranger’s house when trick-or-treating.

As you’re planning costumes with your children and picking up candy for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, set aside some time to discuss these tips with your kids. That way, everyone can look forward to a happy and safe Halloween.





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