Summer Safety for Kids

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer means warm weather and the chance to burn some energy outside. However, it is important to be proactive in keeping kids safe from the elements. Taking care of skin, eyes, and general health means all the fun without the danger. Here are some common summer dangers and tips to keep your children safe.

Water Safety

Drowning isn’t what you expect it to look like.

A drowning person doesn’t call or wave for help. Instead, a drowning person may be looking towards the sky, quiet with glassy eyes, with the mouth disappearing and reappearing above water.

Avoid drinking from questionable water sources.

Never allow children to drink from an open source of water such as a lake or creek. Open water may contain dangerous parasites. Remind children to avoid swallowing water while swimming, and bring water to drink. 

Heat and Sun Safety

Stay hydrated.

Avoid playing outside during peak heat. Be aware of the signs of heat stress, and provide lots of cool beverages. Water is best.

Prevent skin damage.

Use a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. Use a minimum of SPF 15, and try to keep children in the shade. 

Yard and Bug Safety

Protect children against bug bites.

Avoid ticks and other disease carrying bugs by using insect repellent. Check for ticks and remove them from clothes and skin with tweezers. Use DEET repellents when necessary, but only on children older than 2 months. Avoid the outdoors when mosquitoes are bad.

Keep children out of the yard while mowing.

Lawnmowers may throw debris such as stones or other objects. Use a lawn mower that automatically turns off once the handle is released and wait until the blades stop before removing any grass. Do not let children ride as passengers on riding mowers.

Play Safety

Wear a helmet and protective gear.

To avoid head injuries, children should wear a helmet. Whether they are on a bike, scooter, or skateboard, get a helmet that fits properly and meets CPSC safety standards. Wear braces to protect wrists and pads to protect elbows and knees.

Play where it is safe.

Never let a child skate or bike alone or near moving traffic. Take children to parks, or encourage them to play in the driveway. Check for potential dangers like unlevel sidewalks, potholes, or steep hills. Encourage children to practice falling on grass.

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