Emergencies During Office Hours

Call us and briefly state your situation. If it is a laceration or other trauma which we can handle here at the office, we will direct you to come to the office immediately. If the problem requires another specialist, we will contact one of them and direct you to his/her office. If you have an emergency and are unable to reach us, come to our office or proceed to the nearest children’s hospital.

Emergencies After Hours

If you have an emergency after hours, call our main telephone number 385-1451. You will be forwarded to a voice messaging system. You may leave a brief message and the doctor on call will be paged, and you will receive a return phone call. If you have not received a call back within 20 minutes, please call again.

If your child sustains a serious injury and we cannot be reached immediately, go directly to the nearest children’s hospital. They can start treatment and notify us of your child’s situation.

We believe that continuity of care in your primary medical home is the best choice. We do not support the use of retail-based health clinics. Although convenient, we feel that we provide a much higher quality of care.

For ingestion of a toxic substance, call us (385-1451) and/or the Poison Control Center at 936-2034 or dial nationally (800) 222-1222.