About Us

greenhillspedsGreen Hills Pediatric Associates is one of the most established pediatric practices in Nashville, founded in 1961 by Dr. Eric Chazen. The ultimate goal from the beginning of the practice has been to achieve and maintain both the physical and emotional well being of children and adolescents. Our practice of pediatrics encompasses patients from birth through high school.

Board-certified pediatricians

As board-certified pediatricians, we have spent a minimum of three years after graduation from medical school in approved pediatric training programs. Each of our doctors is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and maintains his/her certification through the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

To understand our work, it might help to describe our typical day. We begin by making hospital rounds to see newborn infants and sick children, and attending conferences before we arrive in the office. Outside the office, each of us “wears many hats” – doctor, spouse, parent, committee member -so we find it necessary to use a system of rotating weekend and night call coverage.

Our system means there will be occasions when the doctor your child normally sees is not available, and another physician in the practice will see your child. During office hours your medical records are readily accessible to each of us, enabling any one of us to care for your child with thorough knowledge.

Communication between parents and pediatricians is essential. We feel it is important for you to recognize and understand quality medical care, and how it can best be delivered and effectively used. Communication takes many forms such as scheduled visits to the office, telephone conversations with us and our staff, and printed materials.

To provide your family with quality care, we need your cooperation in accepting these varied means of communication. You may rest assured that the doctors constantly supervise the advice given by our staff. We do not expect you to be perfect parents (none of us are) or have all the answers. We realize you are constantly bombarded with books, websites, blogs, articles and other “how-to” material designed to make you a better parent (in the author’s opinion). Let us serve as your first resource for this information. We can provide guidance for choosing the appropriate sources, if necessary.