Family Travel Nashville

Travel Tips

Spring and summer is here and for millions of Americans that means it is time for a vacation. To get you prepared, here are a few tips for you and your children while traveling.

Family Travel Tips:

Tips for Traveling with Children by Car

  • Stop at interesting attractions; focus on the journey as much as the destination. Your kids won’t care if you make the trip in record time, but they will remember a fun stop along the way.
  • Play fun car ride games like I-Spy or license plate bingo to make even boring stretches of the trip seem fun.
  • Purchase an inexpensive clipboard and a disposable cupful of crayons or pencils to sit in the seat’s cup holder. Asking them to incorporate aspects of the trip into their drawings will make the fun of this last even longer. For instance, ask children to draw what will our hotel look like or their favorite thing that has happened so far on the trip. Give your children toys or activity books to keep them from getting bored.

Tips for Traveling with Children by Plane

Though car travel can be taxing, there is comfort knowing everyone is safely together. Plane travel means getting your family from one spot to another, and there aren’t always enough big hands to hold the little ones. Here are a few tips to help keep your children occupied on the plane ride:

  • Look through your children’s toy bin for toys they haven’t played with in a while – the smaller the better. Keep them in a secret bag and only let them open the bag on the plane. They’ll be excited about a familiar toy they wouldn’t have thought to bring.
  • Security guidelines are often changing. If you are traveling with a baby, check for how much liquid or formula you can travel with. Breastfeeding mothers have had to leave behind precious milk because it registered as too much of an unknown substance.
  • Plane rides are the perfect times to bring out the electronics. Consider denying access to electronics preceding the trip. All the games will feel like new.

Zika Virus – What You Need to Know

The Zika Virus has become a recent health concern for travelers, and currently there’s no vaccine for this virus. It’s primarily transmitted by mosquito bite. According to the CDC, you can help prevent contracting this virus by using mosquito repellant, wearing long sleeves and long pants, and staying in places with air conditioning and closed windows. Pregnant women and young children should avoid traveling to locations where the virus has been confirmed.

International Travel – Vaccines

Traveling internationally can be a fun and educational experience, but make sure you are aware of any necessary travel vaccines. Here is a tool provided by the CDC to check to see what vaccines are required for each country.

GHPA offers vaccines for patients traveling outside the U.S. Call today to schedule your travel visit or request an appointment online.

Be safe when you travel and enjoy your family time together.