Kids Doc App

KidsDoc: This Handy App Helps Parents with Trusted Medical Advice

Just the Facts, Please

When your child is sick or hurt, who has time for in-depth and often confusing research? Besides, many of the sources you might find online are sponsored commercial sites, with questionable reliability. Parents need the accessibility of online information and the credibility of a trusted source in order to truly care for their children with expedience and peace of mind.

A Helpful App for Parents

KidsDoc can ease the concerns of worried parents. KidsDoc is a new app that provides the quick and easy answers so many parents need when problems arise. It’s designed to help make decisions about the next steps to take with home care – to ensure children stay safe and healthy, without undergoing an unnecessary trip to the ER.

KidsDoc is organized symptom by symptom and provides a guide to next levels of care (if any) for each condition, as well as suggestions for symptom relief. It is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and was developed using their clinical protocols.

Available versions

KidsDoc is available in both IOS and Android versions through Apple ITunes and the Google Play Store. It can also be downloaded to desktops for use on a PC, Mac, or tablet. While nothing can replace the medical care of a licensed doctor, KidsDoc is well worth the time it takes to download, and can help parents rest a little easier.





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