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How To Keep Kids Entertained At Home

Running out of ideas on how to keep your children entertained at home?

Here are a few of our top suggestions on how to have family fun while staying at the house.

  1. Set Up An In-Home Scavenger Hunt

During a scavenger hunt, your kids can explore your home and get some physical activity while they run around to find items on the list before the competition! Hide 20-30 items and give your kids hints about their locations. They’ll be entertained for hours!

  1. Have A Movie Night With Popcorn, Candy, And More

Sure, you can’t go to the movies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a movie feel more special! With popcorn, movie candy like Raisinets and Junior Mints, and some sodas, you can give your kids a special treat.

  1. Build A Pillow And Blanket Fort

We all built these when we were kids, and they’re a great place for your kids to relax, hang out with each other, and play.

  1. Go Camping In Your Backyard – Or Inside!

If the weather is nice around you, consider a one-night backyard “camping trip,” along with s’mores, hot dogs, and other fun camp-themed foods and activities. Can’t go outside? If you have room, you can pitch a tent for your kids in your living room! They’re sure to still have a blast.

  1. Bake And Cook With Your Kids

Kids can learn the basics about cooking and baking, and help you as you prepare meals or treats.

  1. Write Letters To Friends & Family

Break out the pen, paper, and envelopes. This is a great way to help your kids practice writing (and penmanship) and spend a few hours writing fun, heartfelt messages to loved ones. That’s a win-win!

  1. Play Cards & Board Games As A Family

Video games and screens can’t make up for “family time.” Teach your kids a few new card games, break out your old Monopoly set, or pick up a few new games to learn together at the store.

If you try a few of these activities with your kiddos, you’re sure to have fun as a family, no matter the situation!





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