Summer Heat Safety Tips

Follow these tips to keep your family safe in the summer heat.

Check the Back Seat

Any parent or caregiver can forget a child is in the back seat of a vehicle.

Here are some safety reminders from the American Academy of Pediatrics: 

  • Always check the back seat and make sure all children are out of the car before locking it and walking away.
  • Avoid distractions while driving, especially cell phone use.
  • Be extra alert when there is a change in your routine, like when someone else is driving your child or you take a different route to work or child care.
  • Have your childcare provider call if your child is more than 10 minutes late.
  • Put your cell phone, bag, or purse in the back seat, so you check the back seat when you arrive at your destination.
  • If someone else is driving your child, always check to make sure he has arrived safely.
  • Keep your car locked when it is parked to prevent a curious child from entering when no one is around. Many hot car deaths have occurred when a child mistakenly locks himself inside.
  • Make sure children do not have easy access to your car keys. Store them out of a child’s reach.
  • Teach children that cars are not safe places to play.
  • Keep rear fold-down seats closed to prevent a child from crawling into the trunk from inside the car.
  • Remind children that cars, especially car trunks, should not be used for games like hide-and-seek.

Important Tip: If a child is missing, always check the pool first, and then the car, including the trunk!

Use Sunscreen

While summer is fun… sunburns aren’t! When choosing a sunscreen for your child six months and older, look for an SPF of 15 or greater that protects against broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays. Even if your child isn’t going swimming, a water-resistant sunscreen will provide better protection against sweating. Be sure to reapply every two hours, and use extra caution near water and sand, where UV rays can reflect onto your skin.

Stay Hydrated

When it comes to quenching summer thirst, we remind you to drink smart! By avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages and sticking to water, your child will stay better hydrated. Early signs of dehydration include fatigue, dry lips and tongue, so make sure your child takes regular drinking breaks during outdoor activities to replenish lost fluids and stay cool. If your child is dizzy, nauseous, or vomiting, give us a call.

Have a fun and safe summer!





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